In The Works: A Shelf For Women's History Month

Episode is making a shelf in honour of women’s history month. What would you suggest if they were to propose this question on the forums (they won’t… But it’s fun to dream)? They’re looking for strong and empowering female leads.

Since I don’t work for Episode, I can’t make any promises, but maybe there’s someone from the team lurking on the forums who sees your suggestions and ends up featuring some of the stories you’ve mentioned? Maybe? :slightly_smiling_face:


Maternal Instincts needs to be on there!! It’s so good!


Eclipsis by Victoria Masina and The Ruby Tiara by Wincy W.!


Sherlock in Love by Kay Elle! (Jo is fantastic, there are many female characters, and Willow is two-spirit I believe)


Thank you! :grin:


I really hope there will be new stories on this shelf - ones I’ve never heard of before.

I saw a lot of people recommending the same few stories on IG, and I’d just love to see some new stories w/ less reads! At least under 10k or 5k.

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You can choose a love interest, but it’s LGBT and it’s all about Liane being a strong independent woman (in case you haven’t read it yet, which if you haven’t, uhm, go do it??!)

SAME! :grin:


And for everyone commenting Adrenaline, Ebonni herself mentioned on IG that it was on the shelf last year.


I feel like this needs to be said, so here we go. :new_moon_with_face:

Not particularly on here, but I feel like a LOT of people are suggesting stories that doesn’t really qualify.

Opinions will differ, but is it really a strong female character, if they become strong after 20 episodes? Who is going to read that many episodes to find out? What about episodes that aren’t published yet? What if you have 6 episodes and MC becomes ‘strong’ in episode 10? Does it still qualify? :woman_shrugging:t2:

Is it a strong female MC if the reader decides whether to be strong or not? What if someone else chooses to be not strong?

Pardon my bluntness, but it’s not really a strong and empowered main character if you have these, it’s click bait actually, thinking this is a shelf for those who are already strong and empowered…

Might help more

This is something @soejaded.episode shared on Instagram, I feel like more people need to see this. So I’m quoting it here. :blush:

"Strong character: Takes action or the lead, expresses opinion openly or through behavior, does what they think is best despite obstacles.

Plot about Strength: Character learns to take action or the lead, learns to express opinion openly or through behavior, learns to do what they think is best despite obstacles."

Let’s recommend stories that have strong, empowered female main characters, not only for themselves but others too, we need empowerment for all women. :heart::heart:


I see this for every shelf tbh, a lot of people rec stories that def don’t fit.

But I agree with you, I’m seeing noms for this story that don’t necessarily make a lot of sense to me.


WANTED by Alexandria or Infamous Topdogs by Alexandria :nerd_face:

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Thank you for this :heart:


People sometimes tend to recommend without even reading sometimes. And it’s honestly not a good idea (in my opinion) to have a story for this theme if they become strong after 20 episodes, because that’s just too long. Too, too, too long and the person reading may wonder “why doesn’t this fit the shelf?”

Also, if the person chooses not to be strong, that wouldn’t fit the theme either since it’s about strong and empowered women and that’s what people wanna read about.

And, I believe we already saw with the Rising Stars Shelf that some people were on it, even though they didn’t meet the requirements.


Ooh, another one!

Welcome to the Amazon Forest by xxalphabetaxx.writes :grin:

Characters are so strong and badass :muscle:


Oh my god… I didn’t even think of that but it would be so genius to feature a story from a male POV that actually showcases strong female characters… Though I don’t think Episode would see it that way because the main character is technically male… But I want to argue that it fits.



Lol, but I agree with Amber on how Episode would see it and most likely a lot others will as well. I think they’re looking for female MCs who are shown as strong and since mine is from a male POV they probs won’t count it and a ton of people would probs be mad :sweat_smile:

I’m honestly praying for a male mc shelf at this point :pray:t5:


I think if they do a rotational month shelf for this, it would be nice to have yours as kind of like a fresh take on the theme, but I also wouldn’t want you to get hate for it either just because people don’t think the same way that Jem and I do :upside_down_face:


Oh! I forgot about the rotational thing! That could be a possibility :thinking:

But yeah that’s what’s tricky about these shelves. They can be interpreted differently by each person. What one would see as empowering another can see as weak. And I really don’t want to be dealing with hate messages :upside_down_face: