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Every story I want to recommend has already been featured, so might as well suggest mine :sweat_smile:

My story’s MC is autistic and she travels with someone who’s deaf.
I was also born with a genetic disorder.

Title: Draken Stone
Author: Jane Belrose
Description: Etain tumbles into the world of her dreams, only to find that it is crumbling to ruins. The Draken Stone is the only thing that can save it.


I have a story out about my experiences living with OCD. I published it a while ago, therefore my directing and editing wasn’t that great at the time, but I tried to get the point across as best I could.

Title: Truthfully Yours, OCD

Thank you :slight_smile:

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I don’t know if I can still recommend.
I read a story recently called: I’m Sorry, and it is about a girl who feels alone going back to school after being away for a few years due to autism, anxiety and tourette syndrome as she tries to cope with her family and feels like nobody understands her.
If I can’t recommend for the page I would still like to recommend this story as it helped me to understand that I’m not the only one with dealing with these disorders and I think it is a great story that deserves more reads. Thank you. :sparkling_heart:


Oh thanks for the suggestion!
I was actually supposed to close this topic since the shelf is up and I forgot, but I’m sure people will still be looking here for recommendations anyway :blush:

@Sydney_H could you please close this topic? Thank you :smiley:

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: