In this situation... (GAME)

So right now I’m super bored, and I was eating Mac n’ cheese and thought way don’t I make up a game… So that is what I’m doing. (credit to if someone else thought of this first)

So the games called In this situation, the first person (me) will make up a situation. The second person will say the first thing they would do in that situation.

Note you can spell out in this situation or put ITS


person one: ITS you walk in on your parents doing drugs what would you do

person two: I would walk right out.

person two: ITS you…

AND so on, I’ll start

ITS you wake as the last person on earth


I’ll ask God what’s happening

ITS you losing all your teeth what would you do

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i would get fake teeth

ITS you witness a physical fight at school WWYD

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I would walk away if there’s a crowd watching, if not I’ll ask them what’s going on.

ITS you see a dead shark floating in you pool.


I would probably examine it closely and try to save it! Probaby…

ITS you’ve got one source of water in a zombie appocolipse, but it’s contamiated with a bactreia that can kill you in an instant! WWYD

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I would probably look for another thing to drink

ITS you see a person murdering your friend… WWYD

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I would probably run away or (if I was feeling brave) straight up jump on them

ITS you moved two houses down from your teacher… and s/he saw you WWYD


ITS you see dead mice in your pool… WWYD

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Call someone or with gloves take it out

ITS your pet runs away and you don’t know what to do… WWYD


nothing, because apparently i don’t know what to do

ITS you get lost in the woods at night… WWYD


Call someone, and if I don’t have coverage I would try to get back (and would probably fail)

ITS your car breaks down in the middle of a mountain and don’t have your phone with you… WWYD

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Try to find someone else to get help

ITS you get locked out of your house with no key WWYD?

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call my mom and head to my friends house or probably take a walk outside

ITS your teacher slapped you WWYD?

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Laugh about it, tell my friends and then realise how serious it actually is and probably tell my parents and the principle.

ITS you fall and breaks your leg while you’re alone in the middle of nowhere and your phones dead WWYD?

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try to go back however I can (and in lots of pain)

ITS someone is following you and there isn’t anyone nearby and everything is closed. WWYD?

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start running as fast and far as possible

ITS your talking to someone on the phone, mid sentence they stop talking and don’t respond WWYD?

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Hang up and send a private message

ITS you find a dead rat on top of ur bed WWYD?


i would scream

ITS u find a dead body WWYD?


Call the police.
ITS You see a girl getting bullied. WWYD?


Try to resonate with the bullies and get her out of the situation :((

ITS every lie you have ever told is exposed. WWYD?

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