In this situation... (GAME)

Ah, I see you’re a man of culture as well.


Girl, I’m a girl… :no_mouth:

Pester the main character until they finally agree to switch roles with me.

ITS You have been given 3 wishes of the monkey-paw variety. What would you wish for?


Girl… I’m a girl

My apologies! :sweat_smile: You’re a woman of culture, then!

You have been given 3 wishes of the monkey-paw variety. What would you wish for?

Honestly, don’t know. For infinite good ideas and motivation to write. And for ten wishes more.

You get the life threat text, but it’s author refers to you by the name of your best friend. What do you do?


call my friend…? :joy: Imma call her out and if it’s not her… Imma be praying on high :sweat_smile:

ITS every time you blink your somewhere new… WWYD?

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Keep blinking and see if it ever stops? Haha idk
ITS whenever you hold a picture, you get teleported inside of it, WWYD?


maniacally laughs as she looks at her shelf full of comic books

Your worst enemy challenges you: either you die, either they kill your closest friend. What do you do?


Kill my worst enemy (unexpected), before he/she could kill me or my friend :relieved: Lol, I don’t know to be honest. I don’t want to kill somebody, get killed or have my friend killed.

ITS, you have a crush on someone and your best friend likes your crush too. You promised to each other that you both won’t do anything with the crush, because you don’t want to get your friendship ruined.
You actually are falling in love with your crush and now he/she/they ask(s) you out on a date, what would you do? (I’m too tired to think about an original situation, lol)


I’d actually reject cuz like sisters before misters :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

ITS you are suspected of doing a lil sum sum illegal activities which u were doing.Would you surrender and go thru jail sentence or continue to do that illegal shit Cuz like…yolo?


I’d get a good lawyer and if I’d be found not guilty, I’d probably stop to do bad things. Or be more careful doing them.

You commited a first degree murder, killing your enemy and got away with it. Howerer, your best friend gets accused for it and is facing the death penalty… What do you do?


Blame the jury!
It’s you having power and being an important person in the world what would you do?


I would use my influence to promote fairness and inspire others.

ITS you could choose to have any one magical/supernatural ability. What would you choose?