In urgent need of a writing group

Hello fellow episodians, I’m planning on writing a story, but as I am new to this I would like to work in a team with more professional people. And I’m not talking just about one storie, this is not some sort of “Help me and then go whenewer you want”. I truly love and appreciate team work, so why not.
Down to the business, some of the roles that are needed right now:
writers (who are going to write dialogues and the whole scenario with me)
artists (I work at photoshop, but I’m not good with episode art things)
coders (it would be great to have someone to work on codes with and to learn from)
social media manager (to create, manage and promote our SM pages)

Pleasee fill in this form: questionnaire and leave the comment in this theme that you filled it, or contact me in messages. Thank you.

Scenario of the story

The story is about siblings - brother and sister who were born and raised up in a bad family. Their names are Jason and Ivy, Jason is the older sibling, and he tends to protects Ivy by any means. Once things get pretty bad, Jason takes matters into his hands and decides to escape from that hose with his little sister. At first they were wandering the streets until some old couple took poor kids in. Jason insisted on not going to a foster care, an the couple decided to help them. (this part is not ideal, but I’m working on it) Somehow Jason and Ivy were having a good life with that people who treated them as their own, but a few years later they discovered that one of their new “parents” was seriously ill, and that illness can be mortally dangerous. Through the time Jason acknowledges that he has to somehow repay for the kindness and happiness that couple gave them, and he secretly joins the gang, to pay the bills, and to provide for his sister. However that person dies from the illness and his/her last wish was to give the majority of his/her savings to the kids. At first Jason wasn’t happy with that because he thought that these money fully belonged to the other person, ant soon enough he gives the money back.
Time goes on, Ivy and Jason are studying at school, but Jason is still working for that gang. And he will work there a very long time. Throughout the story we can see how Ivy - the MC is growing from a shy abused little girl to a beautiful, but still closed off young lady.

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Hi! I’ve submitted my questionnaire to you. I hope everything I put in there works for you.

Thanks for the opportunity,

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Thank you very much, for giving this a chance)
I sure hope we can work something out .
Do you have some messengers like skype/icq or anything else where we can talk?

I mainly use Discord (MistyHearts#7703), however, I do have a Skype (mistyhearts35).

I’ve created a discord account, but I dunno how to search people, my nickname’s 2epiccarrot#5757 if can, please find me, or here’s the lonk to my server:


We’re in need of artists! Everyone who is interested in taking the position, plese fill in the form (the link is in the first message) and be sure to write here that you did so.

I can help with some of the artistic parts. I’m good in photoshop (had 3 years of classes in it)
But i’m not a drawer. I can make covers, but they won’t be episode style.

(I can show you the styles I usually make)
I can make backgrounds and overlays without a problem

(I already filed in the questionnaire)


First things first, thank you very much for aaplying.
If it’s not problematic could you please show me some of your works?
And to clear thing with insta profile, it’s not obligatory, if anyrhing we could need it for making credits in the story.
And one more thing, do you have discord account, or maybe skype for communication?

I have discord
My user name is :Meekster#8557

And I’ll PM you some of my work.

Ok, I’ll add you. And thank you again.

Just bumping this for us! We still need a social media manager, but I’m sure another coder would be welcomed!