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If you’re a writer, do you put credit for backgrounds/overlays/scripts at the end of each episode, or do you put them all in your highlighted story on IG, or both?

If you’re a background/overlay/script creator, would you prefer credit at the end of each episode, in the writer’s IG highlights, or both?

I think it’s more appropriate to put credit in the story at the end of each chapter, but I reuse a lot of the same backgrounds in future episodes and forget which overlay/background belongs to that specific user. Would crediting them one time in my story be enough or nah? I need some paper…


I credit the editor the way they wanted to be credited, but if they say that I can choose how to credit them, I will do it at the end of the Episode. And if you save your backgrounds on the Computer, you could write the name of the person behind the name of the file, when you are saving it.


I was doing something like this in the beginning. I’d find a drive and save everything I wanted, then put the name of the user in the first background I upload thinking they’d stay stacked next to each other in the order I uploaded them. But my stupid self didn’t realize episode groups backgrounds and overlays by alphabetical order, so I’d change the name for one background from the same creator thinking it’ll all be grouped next to each other, but they weren’t :sweat_smile:

I wish they’d let you rename them without having to delete and reupload them. They take WEEKS to get approved :sob:

i like to be credited at the end of an episode, or maybe with a reader message.

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I credit at the end of the epiosde


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My story is not out yet. But when it is I will plan to credit the artist when there background is shown on screen. I dont have a instergram account since instergram is basically pointless to me (no ofence). Its just pictures which you can use google images for. And not many readers use or even dowload instergram, so they wont no who the artist is.

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I put every single credit in the end of the episode

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