In your opinion, what is a popular story?

Is it based on the amount of reads? Episodes? Share your opinion!!

No Regrets by CruzingQueen. Omg such a good story :joy: jk it’s ny story and has like 41 reads but go read deep attraction series of chain reaction (:

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I meant what makes a story “popular” in your eyes boo :joy::heartbeat::heartbeat:

I feel dumb :joy::joy: but it’s the reads that make it popular to me at least

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Do you have a minimum amount of reads for popularity? As in if a person has 100K or less or more

Mmmm if it has like over 200,000 than yea I consider it popular

Probably a story that has a big fan base, is always being mentioned and/or recommended in threads asking for top favorite stories, and screenshots are often shared. One of those stories that nearly everyone has either heard of or read.

A popular story is something that is one of the first things you see, has a great cover is well written(if you need a good story read speak I didn’t write it just love it.)