In your opinion what is the hardest genre to write in?

For me I would say action, thriller, and mystery mainly because action is really hard to direct and I write much slower writing an action story than a romance story, and thriller and mystery because my brain does not work that way and it’s hard to keep readers on their toes. Whats the hardest for you?


In my opinion it is mystery

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Horror, because you can’t break the violence guidelines . . . plus blood.

and animations and clothing restrictions.

Then maybe Sci-Fi


I think action cause they have to do a lot of directing with overlays and more


Horror in my opinion because you actually have to put extra effort in the story for it to be scary :grimacing:


Horror, comedy, and romance are my vices. I don’t think I’m funny at all, I don’t even LIKE horror so I’m sure I’d be crap at writing it lol, and romance… PRETTY sure I’m not great at that either. Making an organic romance is SO much tougher I think that people actually believe. I’m not exactly a romantic person, nor do I feel comfortable or have ever felt comfortable writing it. I can do background romance, but to have it as a main genre, I’m pretty sure I’d fail miserable. :laughing: :sweat_smile:

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Horror, for sure.

The only BEST horror story on Episode is Shroud. I’m a person who isn’t really fazed by horror movies or horror/gore overall, but christ that story was just something else altogether. :joy: The directing is incredible too, though there is some unsettling content that the author does warn beforehand.

Horror stories are incredibly hard to pull off, since many I see are usually pretty cheesy/predictable and are simply shock value. Shroud caught me off-guard in the ending, which is incredibly difficult to pull on me because I’m too paranoid and analytical for my own good :laughing:


Horror or thriller because come up with something to scare readers is hard. I wouldn’t even attempt that genre

Same, attempting to scare the readers with the Episode style would probably just make me laugh. :joy:


Defiantly comedy. It’s hard not to force it :woman_shrugging:

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For me personally, romance and comedy.
I cringe when I write romance and I’m just not funny enough to write comedy.


Comedy is probably one of the hardest genres to write in. A writer can put comedic scenes, actions, and dialogue, but they won’t know what the audience will laugh at or find funny. Getting people to laugh is harder than you may think.


Fantasy. I love reading it, but for the life of me, I can’t write in it. The joys of being uncreative lol :grinning:


Action, because it can take hours to direct a 30 second scene just right :woman_facepalming:


On Episode, I’d say horror is the hardest to write if you want to respect the guidelines. A few people have mentionned Shroud, and I’m gonna go ahead and recommend it too. It was amazingly well directed and written, I loved the setting and all those different communities living together, the different languages… And despite guessing the “plot twist” that is revealed in the end, it was still really unsettling. Perfect for its genre.

I’m the exact same! As writers we usually analyse everything and guess the plot twist waaaay before it’s revealed. SPOILER for 911 Dispatcher, don’t un-blur if you haven’t read it: I knew Colin was still alive from the very first moment he was introduced. I love that story, but that was just very predictable to me. So I’d throw in mystery and thriller into the mix of genres difficult to write in as well.

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I think most genres are quite hard in their own ways, below are my reasons:

Fantasy - because I feel like on episode there isnt many options to work with for this, I would love to see magical animations etc.
Action - it is so hard to code etc and again I feel like this needs more animations to help writers for this category.
Comedy- I can write comedic parts to any story but writing an entire story on comedy is just hard due to content.
Romance - same as comedy really, each story I wrote has romance in but I couldn’t think of enough content to have a story solely romance. I just think a story needs that drama or suspense etc
Horror: only because my definition of horror breaks the guidelines nd rules of episode. Anything else I just consider mystery or thriller


Action, because I suck at doing scenes that both look cool and are fast paced, I can only do cinematic pretty stuff.
I don’t think comedy is hard to write but it can be hard to read, especially if the script is like this for 100 straight lines:
RANDOM CHARACTER (dance_whip_loop)
Romance, because I just don’t like it as a genre anymore after it became literally the only genre episode promoted.
Horror, because those damn guidelines!!

Agreed — and action stories are hard to construct effectively if you suck at coding w/ overlays and stuff

fantasy and sci-fi because of all the worldbuilding required, but they are also the most rewarding.

In this order:

  1. Horror/Mystery: I am really bad at writing suspense and personally, I don’t enjoy horror/thriller movies (but I love conspiracy and paranormal videos, I know ironic).
  2. Comedy: I can be funny in the moment, and I LOVE comedies, but I can’t come up with a load of jokes on the spot. Maybe a little bit here and there, but not a whole story focused on it.
  3. Action: It’s not extremely difficult, but I suck at writing fight scenes, even though I have watched and read a bunch of things related to superheroes and spies.