Inaccurate or strange details that drive you a little nuts

Just like how in movies, hackers don’t type quickly and furiously to hack and the screen doesn’t go messy with green moving digits when they do so, what are some details that drive you a bit nuts in Episode stories?

-cheerleaders and footballers are always in their uniform/ kit/ gear everywhere - doesn’t it stink? Why would anyone show up to a party in their sweat-soaked clothes after a game?

-carrying bags everywhere - go out with one, sit through a counseling session with one, making out with one, etc. It’s okay to break the continuity and let it disappear sometimes.

-CC but covering the face or hair, for example, with a helmet

  • when i CC a character’s eyebrows but they are doing an animation that alters the appearance of them. (e.g. idle_armscrossed_angry_loop)

  • when i get to do a character’s hair and makeup but the zoom is so off that i can’t even see their face

  • when a character goes to school with extremely revealing outfits and they don’t get noticed by the teachers at all