Inappropriate Ads


So, like, I was just reading a story and well, you know, the good ol’ Ad thingy popped up. I usually watch the ads just 'cause I’m bored.
The second ad that I saw, was, uhhh…kinda strange. There was like a half-naked woman with her butt in front of the screen. Now, I don’t know a lot about ads and stuff but what I do know is that there are freaking 9 year olds on this app.

Am I the only one who thinks it’s inappropriate and that the Episode Team should, I don’t know,maybe, do something about it?


yes they should.


I don’t think the episode team is in charge of the ads


hm…do u know who is?


Unless the ads always pop up on some apps when you download them…


I do not


Yeah, that’s what I was wondering. But then again someone should do something…this is unacceptable.




Episode can control adds im pretty sure (i help my dad run a app and we pick who we want adds from and we can ban any that are 13+)


Weeeelll then, they should really check the ads before allowing them to be on the app. For real, what are they even doing?


What app?


Some weird app where you can sell fruits and veggies in your local area which is weird :joy: its called “Lemon Tree”