Inbetween shift numbers

Ok so I’m making a mini game and want to place these tiles as neatly as possible… problem is on one of my tiles it seems that shift number I need is a bit off when saved even though it’s the same numbers when I perfectly align them…

Before save (aligning them)

After save

So annoying :joy:

Does anyone know if I can fix this?

try @Dara.Amarie or @RudeInception or @Apes for help

did you try to change numbers? Like for example one number up or down?

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yeah unfortunately that makes it too low down

You can use decimals for the x and y coordinates. So if 125 is a bit too low but 126 is a bit too high, you can do 125.5


Good to know! :open_mouth::grin:


Omg that’s amazing!!!

Thank you