Incorrect Name Displayed on Speech Bubble

When I test my story, one of my characters is speaking, but her speech bubble has the name of another character on it. My script is correct, and it shows her doing the animations while speaking, but the name on her bubble is somebody else’s! I don’t know what to do because nothing is working – I’ve tried getting out and refreshing the app many times, logging in and out, rewriting the portion of the script that character is in, and even restarting my phone.
How do I fix this?

Check if that character’s display name is the correct one, or if you changed it by accident.

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I did. It’s a female character with a male character’s name on the bubble. I even tried re-saving the character. I’ve never had this happen before.

do you have a choice with the name of the female character? I named my choice a characters name once and it changed her name to the choice I picked.

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Oh! I do. I had a choice with her name. I’ll try changing that and let you know – thanks!

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That’s most likely it! I couldn’t figure it out for the longest time lmao

Agh. It’s still doing it. I changed the choice label and restarted everything, and it’s still not working. :weary:

mine didnt change until I restarted the story and checked that episode again

Yeah, I’ve done it about 3 times now. I’m doing it a 4th and restarting my phone again lol

I’m not sure what else it could if that doesnt work

I’ll let you know if I figure it out. Thank you!

Well, I tried previewing it on my script online, and the name is correct there. It’s just an annoying glitch on the app, I guess. At least when I publish it, the name should be correct! :sweat_smile:

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yeah, it should go back to normal when you preview the next episode on the app.

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