•Independent movements.•


Diversity is what I want!
Join with me to get muffins!
Anyways, this is a way for diversity to spread.
Called Independent Movements!
We’ll discuss more during PM.


If you don’t mind me asking, what do you mean? Most stories I’ve read on the episode app have quite a bit of diversity. :thinking::grin:


Well some do, a lot don’t. If they do, it’s fake and based on stereotype.


Yes! I agree, but it seems most high ranking stories do contain a diverse cast (Or the ones I have read :slight_smile: ), I’m not quite sure.
I think some writers may have them as ‘fake and based on stereotypes’ because they don’t know a lot about the culture or how that character would act in a realistic setting because they may not know anyone like the character irl.
But I’m not really sure