Indian artists needed!

Hey I am Nadine! I am an Indian author, and finding affordable artists is hard for me, as well as other Indian authors… There are many authors who are missing out on the good arts just because of the price. 25$ dollars or more is really expensive!


you are not the first Indian person I seen complain about the prices. case is just art is not a need its luxury item.

like I get price diffrence around the world because people earn diffrent, and money have diffrent value
personally I live in one of the worlds most expensive countries. for common items.

25 dollers, for an art is not expensive, I myself are around 5 hours about doing an art work.

the minimum wage in the country I live in is 30 dollers an hour. yes its high, because its expensive to live here. and we have a high tax too.

that means I can get 30 dollers to flip burgers for an hour(before tax). or 5 dollers as an artist an hour.

so for me 25 dollers is actually working very cheap.


Okay… but at least I need a art piece for my cover…

@line123462 I agree! As an artist myself, I take literally 8-12 hours to complete an art! Art is a hobby, sure but it takes a lot of work! It takes artists time, effort and it should be treated as a job! I know some artists have very high prices but it is only because art is not a piece of cake, it takes time, it takes effort. I wish people will start treating art as a paying job and not a very expensive hobby. :wilted_flower: @nadi_episod You can try episode groups, they offer free and pretty good artwork, good luck!


True it is a luxury to have a beautiful art piece that took the artist around 8-12 hours and get it at a cheap price if I were to request a art piece that would cost 25 USD then in British pounds it would be around £18 which is really expensive so I would say that if you would want a beautiful art piece done by a professional artist at a cheap price is a 1 in a million chances but if you do than I recommend going on Instagram you won’t find amazing art works like realistic art but you will find people who do pretty art

In honesty I might be broke at the moment but $25 is a really reasonable price

Also I might not be a digital artist but if I were I’d probably charge the same amount as I charge for my paintings please also think about the artist who put hard work


Or you could enter a giveaway

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honestly 25 dollers isnt expensive. for a two people in a quality better then my own, I would guess such commission art to be around 60 dollers.


yes @nadi_episod there are many group who offer free art here on the forum, its not amazing realistic art. most are just decent nothing wrong with that, amazing people who wanna do free art sweet and nice of them

or edited art many makes amzaing edited art.


Okay thank you!:brown_heart:

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Hi love, if you find the prices expensive. It’s fine. There are a a lot of art shops that you can find that does free art cover(very nice of them :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:)… If you have a hard time finding an art shop, feel free to ask me. I can drop some suggestion.

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I can make you an art, although I use cashapp… DM my Instagram @shaday.writes

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She is an amazing indian artist and her prices are really cheap
You can get your art below 10$


thankyou so much for recommending me. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

as for u @nadi_episod I know its too much for an Indian to pay more then 7-8$

For Indians my prices are negotiable, means U can just pay me 200-300 rupees for an Art :blush:


Thank you!:heart:

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I can completely understand art being expensive at some parts of the world. From what I’ve seen, most of the commissions cost around $25. One US dollar’s value is equal to a whopping Rs 75 , which means $25 dollars in Indian rupees is near Rs 1500 which doesn’t sound so appealing anymore :sweat_smile:

Though, you can’t really stop artists from other countries using money which CAN amount to more in your country’s currency. I would suggest reaching out to an Indian artist because there prices would most likely be lower. Giveaways also work and some people offer very well-drawn free art in the forums or ig


Episode artists who are Indian also charge the same amount. Art is a skill that takes years to hone and develop.

If you can’t afford to commission then consider just getting an edited cover, Instagram groups have those for free as do some other editors who are editors.


Heyy Nadine!! I’m Rui. I am an Indian commissioned artist and I make art at low prices. I can make your request. My Instagram: haven.arts_