Indian MC names

So my next story for the new contest will feature a mainly indian cast since I find brown ppl don’t get to be the mcs for stories that often. Anyway, does anybody have any ideas for indian girl names that start with R? Preferably only four letters long cuz that’s the only space my description has left. You can also tell me any other indian names that you like regardless of gender


I found these online: Rhea, Rina, Ruhi


Since I’m an Indian, I feel delighted that you are making your mcs as indian, feel free to ask me anything I be glad to help you :blush:

Well here are some name
Radha, rajvi, ramya, ravina, ritika, rewa, ragini, rita ,reema, rekha, richa, ritu, riya, roma, rupa

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No name is really ‘indian’ most of the time it depends on the religion of the person, so if you are creating an MC that follows hinduism, then it would be the classic ‘indian’ names like Rani, Raina, Raita, Reena, Riya, Roohi, Reshmi. :sweat::sweat::revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts:

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Yeah right on I made this post before doing the majority of my research, thank you for the suggestions!!

Thanks for your inclusion and diversity!

To be honest, brown ppl are alot though and not just Indians. Malays are also brown.

Some of the general classification:

Blacks are Africans
Yellow are Chinese
Brown…I don’t normally associate it with Indians though…

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Yup this is right.

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