Indian Outfit Ideas

So, this is almost a part 2 to another post I made earlier about a story I was working on. In it, I mentioned that the MC was Indian.

I spent quite a while looking up Indian outfits, as well as the culture. I created a few, but I wanted to know if these seemed at all offensive or over-the-top. So, here are the examples. If there are any issues, or things I could fix, or if I should just toss them, let me know. The last thing I want is for someone to find this mean, offensive or that I am appropriating the culture.

Finally, to clear this up, she lives in India in these scenes. It is not just her, walking the streets of Nuuk (where the story is set).

Thank you for your time and feedback.


Ummmm… women who actually walk around the streets in India don’t show that much skin. It’s considered shameful.

Also I think your final design is inspired by Princess Jasmine? That’s Arab culture.


. . .
Ok. I looked up “Cultural Indian Woman Outfits”, and I got a lot of this kind of stuff…
And I was really trying to AVOID Jasmine outfits, as I know it is not the same culture.

But, I will make correct adjustments.
Thank you very much.

The first one is fine though!


But I mean women in India do wear jeans and tops


Alright. Awesome, thank you.

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