Ineed some help withsome arts for my new episode story!


hello !
i’m new here and i had a proplem working on my episode story
so i think that i need help !
thank you for coming and i hope that someone helps me !! :kissing_heart:


Episode harmony can


hi thanks for your help but i don’t know miss harony !


It’s an art group I’m in


okay !


Can you send the details?


to you ??




i have a ll story


We also do ll


okay thank you for your help !


the girl

the body : neutral1
brow : Round Thin High (black dark)
hair : Long Feathered ( black dark )
eyes : Monolid Slender ( hasel )
face : heart Soft
nose : Round Button Upturned
lips : Small Heart
the story name is hide your heart


Do you still need?


if you want to do !
thanks for your help !


i am still looking for someone to help me with my LL story !