Infinite coding help

Hey everyone, I’m trying to loop this fire overlay I uploaded and I’m looking at people’s related topics to see if looking at people explaining helps me but I’m still not understanding… So can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong? {It’s not looping and the overlay isn’t showing up when i review it on the portal}


@overlay FIRE1 create

@overlay FIRE1 opacity 1 in 0

@overlay FIRE1 scales to 0.406 0.406 in zone 1

@overlay FIRE1 shifts to 21 176 in zone 1

@pause for 0.1

&overlay FIRE1 shifts to 21 176 in zone 1 in 0 THEN shifts to 21 179 in zone 1 in 1.5 & loop INFINITE times

You forgot to add “overlay OVERLAY NAME” the 2nd time it shifts. Also, remove the & sign before “loop”

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Thank you so much! I appreciate the help :heart:

Last question is the scaling for the second shift necessary or only the shifts does?

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