Info About My Upcoming Stories


My Small & Large Cover For My Upcoming Story Called " Trust No One " Done By @CD_Erugo


Lolok! :smile:


whats funny


Nothing, it’s just what I say to say “okay” (it’s a part of my slang).


The cover looks really cool, and the title is mysterious and capturing.
This is definitely something I would want to read if I saw it on episodes —
[Based on what you’ve shown so far, I think this will be a really great story, one that I would enjoy reading.
I would love if you could keep me updated on your story as you make more progress !!]


Moved to Art Resources section! :v:t2:


Here Is How Far I Am In Writing My Story


it looks great so far! i’ll suggest proper punctuation and grammar because it makes the story look a little more put together. this is just a suggestion though and you’re free to keep the story how you want, i’m just offering something that might make your story look a little more proper!


Well Y’all I’m Putting This Story On Hold Because I Cant Get The Outfit Changing With Different Scenes Right And Because I’m About To Work On Another Story