Info and advice about Werewolves 🐺

I didn’t want to make this post because I was afraid that people would get too excited about the idea and then I would feel pressured to finish the story yet here I am . . .

That sounds like bragging but let me explain:
I have been a long time user and fan of Episode, and only till recently have I decided to make my own story. After reading a lot of werewolves stories on the app I realized there was a serious problem with them. Now don’t get me wrong I love werewolves and some of the stories I read were good, others were questionable. My favorite would probably be Mated to a Werewolf just because it’s a fun read. And what is up with people naming their Alphas/ main love interest Adian? Idk who stole it from who at this point. Why Adian?

Anyway, I liked the stories and all but was always disappointed by the lack of werewolves in it. I know it would be alot of work to do that, trust me I KNOW but still, they always describe it when I want to SEE it. Even a wolf png would do.

Because of I like a challenge and I love animation I decided to make a story with real wolves in it!
Not because I want to show anybody up but because I want to see if I can. Now, this is already in progress and has been for a bit. I know exactly how I’m going to do it and it’s very possible with the right tools which I have. All I need is the time to begin writing my story, it’s all planned out from there. But as of right now I have too much to do to sit down and begin:(

I have some puppets ready to go but I have this nagging fear that they are too cartoony and I just can’t make up my mind on it. After all I don’t want to animate everything upload all the pngs and realize that I should have gone more realistic!
Now after my story is done and I got the process down pat I plan on sharing my wolf animations with all of you and even creating MORE animal animations when I make them. But first I want the honest truth of which would you prefer to see in an episode. Wolves that look like they are people or wolves that look like they are just wolves? I’ll let you look and decided


please be honest when voting

  • I like the wolf that is kind of cartoonish!
  • I like the wolf that is more realistic!
  • I don’t like either and I think you should change your approach
  • I like both of them and I think you should combine them!

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Last but not least I need more information about wolf culture.
I have been reading any wolf related story I can get my hands on so I can learn every thing about wolves and how they function as a “culture” Really the lore about them.

So far I have leared about mates. the age at which they find them, marking and how and why it happens, including bad marking, the age they find their inner wolves, telekinetic communication in a pack, pack ranks, and maybe I am forgetting some stuff but that’s about it. If you have any information you have leared about werewolf “culture” that you think I should know that would help a bunch!

Thanks y’all,



I really like your drawing style, do you have any other examples?

Yeah, sure. I have this one of another puppet I made, ignore the animation though it was just a breathing test I did on my phone


I love that the claws are painted pink and that the headband is the same as her human form (I’m gussing?)

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In one story I can’t remember the name they talked about
rouge wolves: more wolf than human unable to control its primal urges. How they are usually kicked out their packs or they run off because they can control themselves. It said something about how they became rouges by losing/ cutting them away from their mate or family and that the longer they are are away from them the more they get sick and more they smell like death

Also read something like werewolves age normally until 25 then their aging process slows down dramatically


Do you remember anything about pack hierarchy because I always get the order confused :confused:

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Yes, exacly. I wanted them to seem like the same person so you could tell who it was when they shifted. This character is a girly girl so her nails are still painted in wolf form, I even gave them the same hair texture in the main and tail. This will not change in the revised version just in case you were worried

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How do you plan on representing other characters? Like male characters for example?

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I think it’s Alpha, Beta, Delta/Epsilone, and then Omega. I might be missing one or two idk. Please let me know if I am.

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Isn’t the luna the alpha’s mate?

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Yeah so I. The story it mention it it said a pack was like a city or something and so you have the

ALPHA and his female (Luna) and they would be like the mayor or something then you have the

BETA and his female (beta Female) they are second in command like Vice President

Then you have Lower betas under the first betas control then you have

GAMMAS they are like upper middle class. Mainly made up of warriors or it’s the military portion of the pack then

OMEGAS the everyday wolves like everyday people


Oh wow! I did not know this. I might use this as a plot point. I think I already have an idea of what to do with it! thanks a bunch❤️


Glad I can help I also am making a wolf story so I had to read some stories as well and well I like wolves :wolf:


Well, without spoiling too much every character has a characteristic in their wolves that they carry with them as people. Hair color and hair texture is a big one, Like the grey wolf I used as my example is missing her tail because she is a fighter and there is a story of how she lost it. This tail is also a reflection of her short hair in her human for ect. Males are bigger than females naturally and yes every character has a well thought out characteristic that they keep with them when they shift


Also in the story it talked about them have a council and how they had laws…and as you know there are more than one pack and more than one region so they had

Council laws= which is equivalent to Federal laws
Regional laws=which is equivalent to State laws
Pack laws=which is equivalent to city laws


Yeah, I’m pretty sure your right on that one:)

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I forgot about the gammas, :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

And I definitely like the idea of an internal community where they are all connected like that. Defiantly something to consider. So would there also be smaller individual packs within the larger one, or just one big pack? And do you remember the name of that story?

But anyways it’s really up to you and what you want to have after all it’s a story but as long as you have the basics like alpha,Luna,beta,beta Female, mates, scent, anything else you do is really up to you like if you want you can say that in your story you can’t be a wolf if you are bitten, you’re inly born into it or wolf and vampires can/can not mate, or you can even say wolf and human could/couldn’t mate, or higher rank wolves can only mate with Lower rank wolfs then you go right ahead anything else is just really up to you

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Ill try and remember but as of right not I don’t remember it it was a while back and im not even sure if it was on my episode account on my Android, which I no longer have that phone, or if it was a book I read ( yes I’m nerd i still read hard copy books)

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@SASB I believe has written wolf books on Wattpad, you can maybe ask her for anymore info she may know about wolfs

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