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Hey, I Know It’s Weird But One Thing I Do Is, When I Have A Idea For A Episode Story I Go An Create A Story On It! I Did That The Other Day For A Gang Story! But I Realize Now That I Have NO Idea What To Do! Any Advice Or Suggestions??

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What are you actually stuck on? Is it your first story and you don’t even know what to start with or is it like a story plot problem when you just cannot find what to write (aka pre-writer block)

I would love to help though! (just… With what?)

No, But I Know NOTHING about writing gang stories because I Know NOTHING about Gangs! I’m Not That Kinda Girl.

I feel like if you “know nothing” about gangs, then you shouldn’t write a gang story. Write what you know. And if you really do, do some research. You don’t your story to end up on the long list of cliche gang stories.

Happy writing!

Um… I Don’t Know Anything About Them Because I DONT INVOLVE MYSELF IN THEM! IS THAT A BAD THING?! And I’m Writing It For Fun!

I don’t think you understood what I meant. There are so many gang stories out there - each with little to no idea about what a gang really is. Like, even watching a good Netflix show about a gang is research in my opinion.

And at the end of the day, it is your story. You made a thread about what we think you should do and I tried to answer it. It’s your decision what you decide to make of your story.

Sorry For Exploding I Just Tend To Take Things To Heart Too Often… I’ve Been Bullied Too Many Times. Now When I Think I’m Being Insulted, It’s Just Instinct To Defend Myself!


Have fun writing <3


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Gang is a major cliche on Episode, if you don’t know much about it, you can try doing some research even though that probably won’t help you in an Episode story (gangs are actually pretty dangerous irl while on Episode it’s all romance) or you can try finding a subject that is more unique for you and that you will be good at so you’ll have a fun writing!
(I know some stuff about real life gangs, honestly more about law lol I would suck at gang if I’d try to)

Ugh! I Know That’s Why I Started This I Want Advice On How To Make It Unique Take It… There Will Be SOME Romance But It’s Also Going to Be As Realistic As Possible!

A little advice, do NOT make a gang story realistic, real gangs are seriously crazy murderily and gang leaders are not as nice as on Episode.

If you want help with your story writing maybe I can help you with it if you want, you can PM me but only if you need serious help with this, I can probably help

Thanks… But, If Not Realistic And Not Lovey Dubby Romantic Then what?

To make a good mafia romance story make sure to include personalities!
The mafia man should be rutheless, not good with feelings.
And the girl should eaither be the total opposite or badass.
That’s common, but most stories like that have a good amount of fans.
If you need help with anything text me on instagram @sarahh.writes

Alright guys,What Do You Think Of Something Like This:

“Bailey Smith Is Nine Months Pregnant With A Baby Girl But Has No Idea Who The Father Is, She’s Living On The Streets… Until She Goes Into Labor In Front Of The Brother Of A Mafia Leader And He Takes Her To The Hospital, His Brother Comes To Get Him, And Afraid She Knows Too Much Threatens If When She’s Discharged She Doesn’t Follow Him… He’ll Kill Her!”

Awesome! I think you’d make a really good story out of this plot


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