Information about payments from episode writing

Hi I have a question can anyone tell me about there experience with earning money on episode because I want to try it but I don’t know if it’s safe to put my personal information in there even though I looked on the website before about putting personal information I order I be able to get a W2 form after putting in the information and after getting views to start earning money.

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I’m not 100% sure of the situation you’re in as to whether it is a case of you trying for the payments programme or being a commissioned author etc. But, in my experience it was 100% safe and episode were super helpful. I’ve never heard of any issues from any friends of mine either :blush:

Ok thank you I asked because I am hesitant about if I ever decided to earn money from episode writing to put in my social security number because I think 5 years ago when I was looking at the payment information for episode in the writers portal it explained why they needed the social security numbers and personal information but now when I tried to look at the payment information yesterday in the writers portal but I didn’t understand everything it said and I didn’t see anything about needing social security number.

I want to learn how to write on episode but my only concern is the payment method and policy because I’m just hesitant on putting my social number down for them to be able to pay me if I decide to earn money from writing in the future for episode and I just need to know how it works and if it’s safe to put or give them that information

Hello, I am a paid author on Episode and I can probably answer some of your questions.

My experience has been a relaxed one, once I inputted my information, I get my monthly checks directly deposited into my account. I haven’t had any trouble or worry about my information. Episode asks for your social for tax reasons. They send you a tax form every year so you can include them on your taxes.

I want to add that I’m pretty sure authors still need to ‘unlock’ payments. I don’t know what the qualifications are currently, but I know that the unlocking requirements have changed since I unlocked them. I wouldn’t worry about adding yourself to payments until you unlock them because most authors don’t unlock payments overnight.


Ok Thank you so much for letting me know your experience! This was very helpful! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Unfortunately, their business model at this point seems to rely on people creating content for them for free. Given how they’ve only made it harder and harder to qualify for the payments program, I doubt they’ll be changing this anytime soon.