Information bubbles?


Can someone tell me how to add those little speech bubbles at the top of the screen??
Most authors use them to add information about what’s just been said or to translate.
I can’t find it anywhere on YouTube because I don’t know what to search for.


readerMessage then what you want to say


readerMessage Those things aren’t on you-tube
And done🤗
Note: r small and M capital


Thank you!! <3


Thanks!! <33


You are fast Typer🤗


Well I’m just glad I got a quick reply!! Wasn’t expecting anyone to answer for a while. XDD


What could I say? Community is vast , nice and always happy to help :hugs:


Lol :joy::joy::joy:


I was looking for this. Thanks!


Definitely seems that way!! :joy::heartbeat:


@Teahwalker haha🙃 nice to see meet you
@Kenshi glad I could help😊I also stuck on that when I started
@CiaVee Lol,we are😉