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Hello! So I am currently taking some notes about certain religions, races, etc. It is always important in stories to have correct information before you try to revolve your story around them other wise it makes your story looks sloppy. I already know a lot about Christianity and Catholic religion but I haven’t been to church in so long. I apologize if you are offended by my questions, but I am ignorant sadly and would like to learn. Here are my questions:

Jewish Questions:

  1. What do Jews believe in?
  2. What do they do in temple?
  3. What is considered Sin or forbidden in Jewish religion?
  4. Can you be homosexual and Jewish or is It sin?
  5. What are the Jewish Holidays?
  6. Any other facts about Jews?
  7. (Also is it offensive calling Jewish people Jews?)

Christan/Catholic Questions:

  1. What’s the difference between Christians and Catholics?
  2. Motivational speeches from pastors?
  3. Is there a pope in the Christian religion?
  4. What are some testaments from the Bible?

Muslim Questions:

  1. What do Muslims believe in?
  2. What are sins or forbidden from being Muslim?
  3. Do all Muslim woman wear hijabs? Or are they called something else?
  4. What are Muslim Holidays?
  5. What is appreciated in the Muslim Community?
  6. What are majority of the races that worship the Muslim religion?

True, totally agree with u!

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For Christians :slight_smile:
1… Well they are all Christians but there are different parts of religion. They believe and work the church differently .
3. If you are Catholic.

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I can answer a few of these for you, since I grew up in a Protestant Christian household in an aggressively Catholic village. I haven’t been to Church in years, but I remember a lot from when Christian history was being drilled into my brain for 10 years straight or so.

  • What’s the difference between Christians and Catholics?
    Christianity is more of an umbrella term. Catholicism was one of the original branches of Christianity, back when the Church first split into separate sects in the 11th century over theological differences (with the other main branch being the Eastern Orthodox Church). This was known as the Great Schism, and yes they do still kind of dislike each other. Christianity also includes several Protestant churches which came from people who disagreed with some of the practices of the Catholic Church breaking off from it.
    A few ideas that exist within Catholicism that aren’t there with other forms of Christianity include Saints, who are actual people from history who are acknowledged by the Catholic Church as exemplifying concepts of virtue and holiness in one way or another. Many Catholic children are named after saints, and some predominantly-Catholic cultures have days to celebrate specific saints with traditions that may be based on what those saints have done to earn the title. The Catholic Church also has a hierarchy leading up to a Pope, who acts as a major authority on questions of religion which may seem unclear when the average person attempts to interpret them. The Pope’s word is often considered law when it comes to Catholics and typically serves the position for life, although resignation is also possible. He’s promoted from within the Catholic Church by Cardinals and, although any baptised boy may take the promotion, he is traditionally also a Cardinal before being selected. Church services for Catholics are referred to as Mass and usually last a few hours, whereas they’re often shorter for other types of Christians. Common Catholic traditions that may or may not exist in other forms of Christianity (depending on the church) include: communion, First Communion specifically as a special occasion, “confirmation” (in which young adults are confirmed as members of the Church), and fasting for Lent. There are also a few different forms of Catholicism around the world, although Roman Catholicism is the most common.
    In short: Catholics are Christian, as they all use exactly the same primary religious text, but not all Christians are Catholic. Catholics acknowledge saints and have a more complex hierarchy which includes a Pope.
  • Motivational speeches from pastors?
    Now that’s something I don’t remember in detail, although it’s a thing that happens. I went to a Lutheran church as a kid (the first form of Protestant Christianity), and the pastor there usually either told us a story from the Bible and related it to real life scenarios or told us a real life situation and related it to the Bible as a guide for what we can learn from it and what to do to lead a more religious life. Other pastors may have different methods, and depending on the attitude of the church itself, if may be motivational, accepting, or vaguely threatening fire-and-brimstone type stuff. Often, it’s a mixture of those.
  • Is there a pope in the Christian religion?
    There’s a Pope for Catholicism only. The Eastern Orthodox Church has the Patriarch of Constantinople, who may be interpreted as similar but doesn’t have the authority that the Pope does and stands at the head of a larger council. Protestant Christians don’t have any similar figure, and many Protestant sects originally broke off specifically to avoid having to listen to the Pope.
  • What are some testaments from the Bible?
    There’s the Old Testament, which follows the story from creation to before the birth of Jesus, and the New Testament, which follows the conception and birth of Jesus to the resurrection and the prophecy of the second coming of Jesus. Those are technically the only testaments, though each of them contains several “books” within it. The exact list depends on which version/translation you use, since some leave certain parts out or have them in a different order due to the Bible being very non-linear at points. The translations also vary across versions.
    Here’s the list for the New International Version, which is one of the most commonly used, with summaries of each one.

Thank you for this information, I have bookmarked this post! Would you like to be credited in my story? You really helped a lot!:grin:

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Thank you Ms.Kate! Want to be credited?

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That isn’t necessary, but if you want to, I won’t complain. I’d also recommend doing a few Google searches of your own and talking to people who are still religious, since they might have different perspectives than someone who just knows the history and stopped going to church as soon as they could get away with it. Reading a few parables and Bible verses can also help. I don’t recommend trying to read the whole thing cover-to-cover though, since it’s very long, very dry, and even most Christians don’t do that.

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I sometimes look on google, but it’s not as descriptive and I’m anxious to go on websites because nowadays people are trolls and biased. Plus, I’m lazy😂! But you deserve to be credited because I’m using information that you gave me, so would you like to use your Twitter, Instagram, or only your episode username?

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Sure @ms.kate_stories on Instagram!

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Instagram works! @alvar.sometimes_writes

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