Ink and Limelight Features I think look nice

  • Almond Luxe, Downturned Natural + Deepset Sloping, Gentle Almond, Round Gentle, Sloping Smolder
  • Full Round, Classic, Blossom Lips, Thick, Classic Slender + Classic, Full Tapered, Smirk, Pouting Oval
  • Upturned, Round, Pointed, Wide, Refined, Aquiline + Hooked Nose, Bulbous, Broad, Bull, Refined, Chiseled, Wide
  • Oval, Round, Diamond, Soft Heart + Diamond, Square Jaw
  • Thin Curved, Thick Round, Thick Flat, Mature Round + Bushy Wide, Thick Arch, Thick Arch Athletic
  • Natural Curls, Both Box Braids, Cornrow Faux Hawk, Cornrow Bun, Long Braids, Long Faux Hawk, Side Head Scarf, Ponytail Locs, Styled Cornrows + Cornrow Bun, Long Bangs, Long Braids, Natural Curls, Short Curly Fade, Shaved Sides, Styled Cornrows
  • Chestnut, Black, Passion Fruit, Coral, Blue Light, Mint

  • Deep Set False Lashes Smokey Eyes, Deepset Downturned, Deepset Upturned Wide, Angular Slender Sharp Almond + Deepset Heavy Lid, Male Deep Sunken, Deepset Downturned Lidded
  • Full Flat Top Pouty, Full Round Pouty, Heart Shaped Pout Braces, Full Wide + Full Flat Top Pouty, Full Heart Large, Full Heart Natural, Medium Straight
  • Broad Wide, Round Downturned, Round Flared Downturned, Round Flared Upturned + Button Wide, Male Generic, Roman Straight Broad, Round Flared Downturned, Round Wide, Straight Narrow
  • Diamond Defined Contour, Diamond, Heart Mature Double Chin, Round Puffy Cheek, Round Soft, Square Defined + Chiseled Angular Stubble, Chiseled Angular, Diamond Soft, Male Generic, Square Defined, Square Jaw, Square Long Jaw Stubble, Square Long Jaw Shadow, Triangle Chiseled
  • Arched Natural, Arched Short, Bushy Thick, Round Medium, Round Thick + Furrowed Straight S + Male Generic, Round Thick
  • Braided Bun, Curly Bob, Lob Bangs Blunt, Long Braided, Two Cornrow Braids, Long High Ponytail, Short Afro, Small Bun, Wavy Long + Curly Afro, Long Top Messy Curls, Man Bun, Short Curly Fade, Short Messy Curls, Wavy Long, Bantu Knots, Voluminous Curls, Dreads + Dreads Bun, Long Voluminous Curls Loose, Short Side Part Curly Hair, Mohawk Dreads Short, Dreads Loose Top Short, Curly Loose Afro Hair
  • Green Mint, Pastel Mint, Warm Pink, Pastel Purple Lavender, Blue Black, Chestnut Brown, Brunette Brown, Deep Brown, Jet Black, Black Dark, Burgundy Red, Pastel Blue
  • Blackberry Matte, Blackberry Gloss, Pink Cashmere Matte, Pink Cashmere Gloss, Blood Orange Matte, Blood Orange Gloss, Dark Apricot Matte, Dark Apricot Gloss
  • Moles, Freckles

What do you think looks nice? What features do you like and are your favorite? :thinking:

Credit to @EpisodeShadow since these are her characters. :grin:


I love Deepset Downturned! And Round Medium, as well as the hairstyle Lob Bangs Blunt and Long Parted Waves…


I think all of them look amazing! One of my hobbies is to play around with features, actually, and these look amazing! (I also came up with the first INK one, and I love all the others, we don’t a lot of diverse ink faces presumably because of the lack of features) Great limelight ones too! :heart_eyes:
I also love all the limelight ones; and the second one looks a little alien featured, the gold eyes- you’re realy good at this!.




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