Ink and limelight?

So I asked for an opinion on using tapable overlays in my story (when they get released). from the few replies I got people seemed very interested due to it being interactive and not being able to move on to the next part without collecting all the clues. However my cousin who is also excited for this has said she would prefer it to be a straight forward story.

So I wondered wether I should two versions of it limelight for those who want to be able to interact with the story and ink for those who wish to just get on with the story.

What do you think guys?
Also heres a description of the story.

You have just completed You qualification to become police detectives with your friend and possible love intrest (depends on if you want them to be of interest)

Your first case is a murder of a famous fashion designer. What seems to be a straight forward murder investigation becomes a lot more complicated when a single scar reveals that the murder victim is actually her twin sister who died in a car crash 1 year ago. Will you uncover the truth?

Maybe you can make one story, but ask the reader in the beginning if they want it to be interactive or not? Like, write two scripts, but in the same story?
I would rather read ink with overlays, advanced directing makes every story more enjoyable to me.

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In my opinion I feel like for your story I would prefer an interactive story line. It would probably make the story a whole lot enjoyable :grinning:
Your story seems interesting to read!