Ink Animatiom Clarifications

So I’m very inspired by many of our amazing authors like @bukii.epi, @evilrose.writes, @sophia_episode, @madison3episode, @natalia.episode, @complicatedofficial

and Like Bukii, I’m wondering how a character can talk but the other can also do an animation at the same time.

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Mc (Animation u want them to do while talking)
fdefvun. blah blah blab.

&CHARACTER1 is animation
&CHARACTER1 is animation

Actually, it’s

@CHAR1 starts (keyword being STARTS) eyeroll
CHAR2 (talk_exhausted)
I’m so bored.

& works too like the above user said! Hope this helps!

Hey Episidians! Does anybody know how to do an animation like on the spot like @evilrose.writes story Fine Line. When her characters William did an animation without doing the ‘shush’

So you got two ways:

  1. You use the zoom feature. You zoom and focus on another character or on another part of the scene. Then as the focus is away from the charatcer, have the character do the animation. Then when you refocus on the character, they will have the last part of the animation as their facial expression. (Bear in mind that you have to allow certain time to pass for the animation to finish and some animations take longer than others.)
  2. You can make a duplicate character. You put the duplicate character offscreen and you have them do the animation. Then you remove the character onscreen and place the duplicate character onscreen in its place. The duplicate character will have the last part of the animation as their facial expression.

Ok I’ll try that tysm.

hey episodians how do bukii in my pyshco while they were sleeping in the bed she opened her eyes and they started moving

I mean ryder’s enemy started to move her eyes while she and ryder where sleeping on the bed

it’s overlay. Check out this thread

thankyou so much

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