Ink animation error!

So I’m coding a bar scene and on the portal and the app he’s doing the animation I want him to do but I keep getting that error. Anyone know what the issue is please?

P.S I’m sorry if this is in the wrong place lol


is it animation only give problem or both like script and animation because for me i doing INK for one of the story @Jaynee.Episode

I’ve got another character doing the same animation so not sure why I’m getting an error for that animation as on the previewer and app the animation works fine for him.

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the reason have a error is because Dance_ Club_ loop is not in animation and it don’t exist i check it out and see but it not show but remove the Dance_Club_loop and change it to different one that is working in animation for character

I’m using the same animation for another character and it works fine, it’s in the male ink animations list.

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This has been an ongoing bug in INK for a while now (see here)
I would submit a ticket


If I use a character with an actual name, the animation works fine without error as I’ve just changed character and the error has gone.


i sorry if i was not reply because my device restart and it was frozen so i restart it

i don’t see it but i check girl character since it not there but male character have it you’re correct i just don’t check male :flushed:

Since the portal update a few animations coming up with an error even though they are doing the animation on portal and on the app it’s all messed up lol

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same it true because yesterday i went and i see that animation is error for some but not all like it show a one that not showing that is white without seeing character doing action but it show that the animation is there that working but not character and the animation for some is error and some is not

I’m writing 2 stories and the animations I wanna use for one of them doesn’t work but if I code it in my other story they work perfect it’s weird and yeah the loading is annoying, I had to start using Firefox as Google chrome loads slow with a lot of lag

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tomorrow is new update for thursday