*INK* Backround Characters Needed! *LINK GIVEN* (Possible Important Character - Not a Contest)


I’m seeing some people do this, and I thought it’d be a good idea for me to do it as well! I need them for my story “From Life to Death” which I’m not finished with yet. You may comment when you’re done, if you wish :blush: (Also if you cba to do the form you can give the image of your character.)

Should probably add this now - I’ll @ everyone in a forum once I’ve published my story :slight_smile:


Submitted. I said my name could be Winter, Ava or Alexandra. :wink:


Thank you so much!


No problem! :blush:


I submitted a female character for you and I’m about to submit a male or 2 for ya. I know it’s hard to get male characters


Thank you so much! And you’re right - I am struggling on male characters rn :sweat_smile:


Submitted, good luck with your story!


Thanks a bunch :blush:


I have submitted!


It’s fine, again, good luck!


Thank you for taking part :blush:


Well you have 2 now… lol


Submitted an Female character and My name could be Alyce, Emillia, Gloria, Annalise or Alyssa




Done. Made both (male and female), so u can use what u need ^^


Thank you!


I submitted a male too. I said his name could be: “Noah, Cameron, Jake - I don’t mind.” :slight_smile:


Awh thank you sm!


Happy to help! :wink:


Submitted a character. Hope to be in your story. Can’t wait to read it!!!