Ink Beach Day Part 2


Just happy to be of assistance.



Those swimsuits :ok_hand::heart_eyes:


I understand INK users are feeling left out, but there is almost nothing in the Limelight closet!
For goodness sake, there aren’t even female sneakers!
People have made so made so many threads, and yet for two weeks in a row, Episode continued to release only INK stuff.

I’m pretty dissapoineted.


YESSSS thanks for the new clothing!!!11


THEY HAVE ROMPERS!!! Yeah baby!!! I have waiting for SO long for those!! Thanks!!


While I agree that LL needs a hell of a lot more, and I really want some more updates, LL has had quite a few these past few weeks.
I think Ink deserved some new releases for waiting so patiently, so, us LL lovers should do the same. c:


I get you, but you had weeks of updates for LL and we INK lovers had nothing…

We were waiting years for this. Some animations/ clothes we asked for INK not even been added but LL has them.

Believe me, weekly updates are a quite a new thing. We were usually waiting months for new stuff back then.
So please be patient :heart:️ and let us be happy, because soon updates for INK will stop :disappointed:


Imagine the poor Classic Lovers . . . who won’t ever get any ~ any~ updates.

sad violin


At least we have all the best hairstyles. There’s always that.

Anyway, I appreciate new stuff no matter the style!
Even if I don’t use it in my own stories, it may help someone write a story I am reading.


Yes it’s such a shame cos the hat is quite cool, but as it stands they’re unusable as it doesn’t fit at all on either male or female characters.


I understand how you feel.
But we INK users had to wait too for new stuff.
Limelight had more updates weekly while INK had to wait. :slightly_frowning_face:
Please be patient because next week they will probably release new stuff for Limelight and then we INK users will have to wait.
And as you know they will stop updating INK, :cry: then they will only release more stuff for Limelight.


YAY!!! Thanks Episode team! :tada::hugs::tada:


Yes! Thank you!


Awesome! Thank you so much for these new INK clothes. :smile:


That’s true.
You guys have more stuff - but we’ve been getting new stuff everyday.


@Trinady always comes with good news <3


thanks, fam ur a lifesaver :tired_face::ok_hand:


Is this a hint for the next contest?! I hope so!


Oooooooooooooooooh! Summer is around the corner. :slight_smile: Though, I hope the next contest will be a short story contest. Hey, swimsuits and summer items for ink… Imagine a beach themed one?

Limelight has been getting like: 30 new items for females, and a bunch for males each update. I understand limelight lovers’ concerns, but many players still love ink.


Can anyone explain me in simply words what are Rompers? Even google can’t explain me :joy: