Ink Beach Day Part 2


if the next contest has to do with the beach, i’m in. as a californian, the beach is my expertise.


These clothes should go to limelight. The style of the clothing looks so much better on limlight! At least give to both!


Yay <3 OMG I love 'em all <3


Will there be a part 3? Thank you for this tho! LOVE ALL OF THESE GORGEOUS CLOTHS!


i feel you but Be patient! They are releasing the last bit of ink stuff. Pretty soon they will be done with it and only going to focus on Limelight. There are a bunch of updates to come. im excited. Plus limelight already has cute bikinis and swimming trunks


That’s me :joy:


you & me both.!! i’m over here like “ink has sooo many clothing varieties meanwhile limelight has NONE.” Like my characters feet probably hurts from all them heels :joy::joy::skull:


do you know what jumpsuits are? if so, rompers are just jumpsuits but instead of them being pants their shorts. if that makes sense


could we get these for limelight characters also? that would be great


I just noticed your post, and checked to see if there was a change. It’s still the same.


I know :unamused:
After this long time I’m afraid it won’t be fixed.
It’s only for INK after all…



Yeah, I wish they would fix somethings in INK since the majority of the writers use that one. I wasn’t even given the option of Limelight when I first started writing my story even though it had been out for sometime…