Ink Beach Day Part 4


Hey everyone!

We’re back again with some new Ink Beach Styles for you all! This is part 4 of 4 for our Beach Day release. Here’s a full list of what will be in the release:

Ink Female:
Storm Canvas Shoe
Slate Canvas Shoe
Blue Canvas Shoe
Red Canvas Shoe
Black Canvas Shoe
Tan Canvas Shoe

Ink Male:
Swim Trunks Hawaiian Hibiscus Red Candy
Swim Trunks Hawaiian Hibiscus Neutral Grey Cool
Swim Trunks Hawaiian Hibiscus Yellow Canary
Swim Trunks Hawaiian Hibiscus Blue Sky
Swim Trunks Hawaiian Hibiscus Blue Raven
Swim Trunks Hawaiian Hibiscus Neutral Black
Swim Trunks Loose Neutral White
Swim Trunks Loose Purple Wisteria
Swim Trunks Loose Blue Cerulean
Swim Trunks Loose Neutral Black
Swoopneck Sleeveless Stripe Grey White
Swoopneck Sleeveless Stripe Grey True

As always, if you experience any issues please let us know 2!


The Episode Team

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Thank You!!! :heart:


Thanks! :kissing_heart:


it would be cool if you could show pictures


I saw this before the post, I was so confused!


Thanks! :heart:


When are we getting more Limelight?

~Lana Augustine :kissing_cat:


Thank you!


More beach stuff! I love it!


Will we get a limelight beach day? :pray::pray::pray:


when do we get more limelights?


I’ve been hoping for new shoes! Thanks! :wink:


could we possibly get these for limelight characters also? that would be great