Ink Beach Day Pt 3


Hello and Happy Thursday everyone!

We’re back again with another batch of Ink Beach Day styles for you all! This will be part 3 of 4 that we’ll be releasing. Here’s a full list of things we’ll be releasing today:

Ink Female:
Red Beach Day Skater Shoes
Black Beach Day Skater Shoes
Pink Beach Day Skater Shoes
Green Beach Day Skater Shoes
Blue Beach Day Skater Shoes
Black Skinny Flip Flops
White Skinny Flip Flops
Skinny Flip Flops

Ink Male:
Blue Beach Boy Shorts
Grey Beach Boy Shorts
Khaki Beach Boy Shorts
Camo Beach Boy Shorts

As always, if you experience any issues please let us know!


The Episode Team

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Yay!! Episode Team, you’re the best!! :tada::hugs::blush:


FLIP FLOPS! THANK YOU SO MUCH! :sparkling_heart:


Wow this is a big surprise. :heart_eyes:
I’m really happy, thanks episode team :grinning::smiley::tada::tada:


Flip flops!!! Thank you so much!!!


I love the skater shoes!! :smile:


more shoes! I love the update <3


I’m so in love :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: THANK YOU!!! :heart:


There are many many new ink animations too. They are not listed anywhere in right menu, but in the field where we write the story. Some of these animations are even usable after publishing story.


What do you mean? Where can we find these?


This is great! I just wish these things were released for Limelight at the same time. :confused:


Yeah. Most of these clothes are in limelight clothing style and fits the characters perfectly. I don’t even understand why they couldn’t just ship them off to Limelight.

But, all you INK authors - I hope you enjoy your new clothes to extend your character’s already big I couldn’t resist saying that lol closets.


Yeah I don’t understand it either. They should move th Victorian and Chinese outfits over since limelight Asian characters look more Asian than ink


Liz has posted a few times about how they create and develop assets, it’s not as easy as just moving assets into a new folder, to my knowledge they actually have to rebuild each asset to fit onto the new style. I get your frustration though, personally I think they should just release all of the Ink assets they have in one big update (since they aren’t creating anymore new assets for the style), then they can focus completely on updating and developing Limelight.


Exactly. Since they’re not making more they should have a single huge update. Its unfsir to limelight users that actually need to develop.


I agree!

~Lana Augustine :heart_eyes_cat:


I agree with you too. Just note this updates are taking years… I’ve not been here when INK was released but as some people were saying it had absolutely nothing on the very beginning. I know you’re missing a lot of stuff for LL but as they said it’s easier to actually create the assets so you won’t be waiting so long (hopefully) imagine now waiting 3 years for flip flops or sneakers :weary:


How you can find them? :thinking:


THANK YOU!:laughing: I’ve been waiting for this!


Yes please! Although I love INK, I NEED more Limelight stuff! Preferably MORE animations & hairstyles if possible :wink: :smiley: