Ink body types! Male muscular!?


I know, I know episode ink is discontinued and they’re only adding clothes occasionally and nothing else. I also know there’s only one male and female body type for all classic, limelight, and ink. But…a few years ago I remember there was this male muscular body type in episode. A few authors had it in their story, I think even it was in an episode featured story. But it was said to be glitchy, so they took it down. They said it was because they were fixing the glitch, and it would be fixed soon. That was YEARS ago. There’s directions how to do it, something like @MALECHAR changes into Muscular Male. But it says error in the script, and that does not exist.
The male body type looks like this.

Anyone have info on what happened?


You can check out this thread: Your opinion on the male athletic body type?

It talks about it ^^


Thank you!

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