INK CC templates, male and female

Hey! Would anyone have the time to please make me a CC template for an INK female and a INK male? I have looked at other templates but they don’t seem to work. :slightly_frowning_face: I need it to only be customisable on; eye shape, eye colour, eyebrows, nose, lip shape, lip colour, face shape and hair style. So everything except skin colour and hair colour. Would anyone be able to help me? If you do you will get a mention in my story and I will be very grateful!:heart::heart::heart:

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You probably need to ask @Dara.Amarie

Or you could follow this link!

Dara has always had really good and useful templates. I would check her out! I have two of her templates saved (male and female) but they are for full customizations.

@Dara.Amarie in her profile u will get all kinds of templates… :blush:

Thanks for the help! @Fariafaiza

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@epi.kels Would I be able to see them please? Maybe I could edit them? Thanks!:heart::tada:

Thanks @princesscamden :tada:

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Of course!!

Female :

Male :

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Thanks so much for your help! I am so grateful!

You’re so welcome! I’m glad to help. I hope it works out for you.

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Thanks! xxx

Hey @epi.kels Would you be able to help me with a problem? I used the CC template you sent me, ans it keeps comming up with errors like: The label female_custom1 does not exist.
Do you know how to solve this?

Unfortunately whenever that happens to me I have to get help from someone else, particularly Apes. She’s really good at coding etc. If you got errors (after) removing the ones you didn’t need you could have accidently removed some of the labels you did need. You could always copy, paste, and try it again or text @Apes. I’m sure she can figure it out!!


Thanks again! xx

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