Ink character customization help?



I was trying to set up a character customization for my story by using Episode’s template but it’s all unorganized/for some reason, the color black isn’t black??? I also want the character with the name I chose (which is Harper). I tried using a template made by a user named Dara but found myself confused (I even replaced the placeholder name with @HARPER but still found that there were errors). Could someone please help?

note: I’m using ink


@1_Fantasy_Dreamer_1 Could you send a snip/screenshot of the problems?




I meant the script :slight_smile::unicorn:
So I can then see what the problem might be.

  1. I had a similar problem with eyes, but there was something above it that was the problem…
  2. You made sure you have that label somewhere as well, right?


Oh! My bad, and yes. Just give me one moment :blush:


I am so sorry that took so long (I found out the reason why the error was there, it was because I didn’t finish putting @HARPER in the placeholders) Here are the screenshots, if you need more let me know!

edit: I am still confused on why the warning is there


Are the names spelled correctly?
Or does the character not exist?

Ive had the same problem before but the reason was the characters name was mispelled and another time was because it didnt exist


Also there is not label female_custom1 on the top of the @HARPER stands screen center


Yeah, the names are spelled correctly


Oh! That was the problem. Thank you so much!


Glad to see this got resolved. I have gone ahead and moved this topic to Directing Help & Tips since that is what you were asking for. Also gone ahead and closed this topic. Thanks to all for the assist! :peace_symbol: