Ink character deets 💕

My motivation has been really low these days, so I really wanted some new ink characters to edit with.

If it comes out nice, I’ll pm it to you, but please PLEASE don’t leave basic characters as I always have a hard time making them look somewhat interesting.
also if you sent your deets for a LL edit, pm me bc I probably forgot. :sneezing_face:
Thanks guys :heart:


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I don’t know if mines basic :joy: I could also make a more interesting looking character if you want.


No, your character is really pretty :eyes::white_heart::white_heart:.
And thanks :two_hearts:

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Mine is basic af but still-
Skin- toffee
Brows- seductive round
Hair- cornrow bun
Eyes- downturned natural (brown)
Face- defined
Nose- perky heart
Lips- blossom lips (taupe)

here are my character details!! I know they are really basic… if you don’t want to use mine you can use some of my characters from my story!


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Here are my FEMALE and MALE details hehehe~ I think the female one is basic?-

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Thanks everybody :two_hearts::two_hearts:

Hey, @PropertyofNae, sorry I didn’t ask earlier, but what kinda outfit would you prefer, and what kinda bg theme would you like too? :dizzy::two_hearts:

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Honestly I’m fine with any outfit that’s black and blue :sparkles: The theme could be kinda grunge like or be themed around clouds and the sky. You can use this background if you want.

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Okay, thanks . :heart::heart:

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Not sure if my character is that interesting, but here is my CD if you want to practice :slight_smile:

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Hey ik mine is probably really basic but here ya go

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so this is the most interesting character I have :joy:

Prolly boring character

her hair is actually purple at the moment, but any bright colors work

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