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Hey guys, I need ideas for a girl character (ink). Her name is going to be Reese and I was thinking fawn hair but I don’t really care if she doesn’t have brown hair. She’s sweet but she’s also tough, so if anyone could give me ideas on how to make her look that would be great!! Thanks!


Looks don’t determine someone’s personality, but is there a certain way you want her to look?

Honestly anything you can come up with is fine, as long as she’s cute :slight_smile:


Skin: Honey
Brow: Medium Angled
Hair: Messy Back Bun // Fawn (I do suggest Cayenne or Chestnut)
Eyes: Upturned Feline // Blue
Face: Oval
Nose: Soft Natural
Lips: Classic // Plum

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My MC does look almost exactly like that lol, do you have any other suggestions because you seem to have great taste

Hey, so this is what I came up with :eyes:

Body- Toffee
Brows - Defined Natural
Hair- Straight or Beach Wave - Fawn
Eyes- Upturned Feline - Brown
Face- Oval
Nose- Upturned
Mouth- Full Round- Dark

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That’s perfect! Thank you!

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Something like this if u want:


Change the name tho XD

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