*INK* Characters needed immediately!


People I need your characters different religions ethnicities cultures and their back stories
peace out, Kitty Ice


Character Name: Princess Shekehliah Ann Campbell ( she has two first names but she doesn’t like the second one
Religion: She agrees with all religions. She believes that Jesus could exist but also Hades, Hera, Allah, etc
Long Braids Black
Seductive Arch
Blossom Lips Bordeaux
Soft Heart
Upturned Feline Hickory


Character name: Treasure
Middle Names: Marie, Denise
Lastname: Jackson
Nose: Elven
Eyes: Hickory, Round Bold
Eyebrows: Defined Natural
Lips: Blossom lips, taupe
Face: Round
Hair: Chestnut, Bob hair something but short (short Bob? IDK i think so… Just go with a Bob hair. )
Skin: Taupe
Religion: Christianity
Race: African-American/Black (vast majority of the mix), mixed with French royalty, native-american (Cherokee, and three More), white (Europe), creole (My family comes from Louisiana), Pakistan, Twich of Jewish, Hebrew, Mexican, Caucasian, French, African, Chinese, Hawaiian.



https://goo.gl/forms/q8NaTNQnCeaoA6Ym2 :smile:




Thank you




her style?



Is mr blake’s skin color taupe or mocha




Here Is an INK character:
Character Name: Amber
Gender: Female
Body Color: light
Eyebrow: Mature round
Hair: Diva Curl
Hair Color: Fawn
Eye: round classic
Eye Color: green
Face: defined heart
Nose: upturned
Lips: Classic slender
Lip Color: Bubblegum pink

If you do use, please give credit :smile: and if anyone else wants to use it, u can just pm me.