I need a lot of characters so just comment your character details :point_down:

Love Interest (M)-

Ball Guests-

Mom & Dad-
@Episode.Cameronwrite @ana_banana

Brother and Sisters-
@shweta_episode @Turtle_Cat

2 Sons-

Background Characters-

Mean Girls-
@Libirella @Jayl


Gang Leader-

Love Interests Sister-

Background Characters (any)-

Celebrity Friends-
@Fae_the_author @Ginger05


That’s all the positions for now, I will add some more if needed :smile:

~Katie :purple_heart:


image - Dad

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Okay :slightly_smiling_face:

Love interest sister

Sister please.

SKin tone: fair
brow: seductive arch
face shape: oval
nose: upturned
eyes: upturned feline, black
lips: classic, blush
hair: straight, chestnut


*youre already the sister but sure

What would you like to be?

I lost track.:sweat_smile::joy::joy:


mean girl :slight_smile:

Can I be Gang leader?

Name: Kavya
Skin: Taupe
Brow: Smooth Arch
Hair: Beach Wave (Black)
Eyes: Round Bold (Brown)
Face: Soft Heart
Nose: Soft Natural
Lips: Classic (Ruby Red)
Credits: (my insta) @pikachuk18
Outfit: I really do not mind. I just want to wear the red and white bracelet and the military chic boots (if that is of)


Yes! I’ve always wanted to be a gang leader!

that sounded weird


I assure you that I’m just a normal 13 year old.

or am I?

Can I ask what your story is about?

Ooo could I be a celebrity friend?

My deets
Name: Fae
Hair: straight blonde
Face: oval, light skin tone
Nose: soft natural
Mouth: classic, ruby red
Eyes: upturned bold, white
I don’t mind what I wear as long as it’s tomyboy ish