Ink characters needed plssss

Hello beautiful people!
I’m in need of some Ink characters for my story, Forever and a Day - if you wanna check out what story you’ll be a part of!

All i need is the following

Skin color:
Eyebrow Shape:
Hair Style and color:
Face shape:
Nose shape:
Lip shape& color:
As well as:
Any accessories:
Ur instagram: (so i can give ur @ in the story)
Episode Username:

Who you can be

A mean person- at first- then eventually friends with the MC
// needed ppl: (3)
A nice friend from the getgo
// needed ppl: (3)
Background Character
// needed people: (bruh a lot, idc how many)
Character with small interaction(s) with the MC or the MCs friends/ LI!
// needed people: (bruh idk like a lot?)

My insta is @// bm.knightly if you have any questions or wanna be friends?.. lol :pensive::v:


name: Rebecca
gender: female
skin: tan
brow: seductive arch
hair: feathered
color: chestnut^
eyes: round bold
color: auburn^
face: oval
nose: soft natural
lips: blossom
color: rose

role: nice friend from getgo

outfit: dressy crop top (cabernet)
lacy heels (cherry red)
black ridged moto jacket
black leather legings

episode name: Xenia M.

ps yes i would like to be friends

Gender: Female
Name: Yuna
Skin color: Light
Eyebrow Shape & Color: Seductive Arch
Hair Style and color: Straight & Chestnut Brown
Face shape: Oval
Nose shape: Elven
Lip shape& color: Classic & Blush
Eyes: Upturned Feline & Brown
As well as:
Shirt: Black Dressy Crop Top
Pants: Boyfriend Jeans
Shoes: Skater Girl Black Sneakers
Any accessories: Nope
Ur instagram: Itzyk.epyy
Episode Username: Yuke

A nice friend from the getgo :laughing:

Btw, I’d love to be friends lmao :crazy_face:

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Gender: Female
Name: Bonnie
Skin color: Light
Eyebrow Shape & Color: Mature Round
Hair Style and color: Classic Bob, Chestnut
Face shape: Round
Nose shape: Roman
Lip shape & color: Classic, Blush
Eye Shape & Colour: Upturned Bold, Green
As well as:
Shirt: String Tank Top (Sonoma Blue)
Pants: Navy Blue Shorts Onesie Bottom
Shoes: Blue Beach Day Skater Shoes
Any accessories: Diamond Choker Necklace & Triangle Earrings
Instagram: lethargenie
Episode Name: Lethargenie

Role: a nice friend from the getgo or a mean person- whatever works better for u

& yes i wanna be friends :laughing:

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Hi! :wave: I’d love to be part of your story!

Name: Melaniey
Skin: Tan
Brows: Mature Round
Hair: Straight (Passion Fruit)
Eyes: Upturned Feline (Green)
Face: Soft Heart
Nose: Upturned
Lips: Classic (taupe)

Pink Beach Day Romper
Sneakers (Black)
Moon Necklace

Role: A friend or BG character.
Credit: @mel.epys on Instagram

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so unfortunately i changed the name to Becca, because the MC’s mothers name is Rebecca LMAO.
Anywho, i think you’d fit fine in episode four - as you seem to be dressed like you’re ready for a party - and possibly future episodes.

Episode four is a party episode so yeah!


also, do you have insta?


your character is super cute, and kinda reminds me of the MC!
i think you’ll come in later in the story, perhaps episode 8-10, i’m unsure because the way my plot goes, i’m not sure how long it will take me to get to the certain plot point - where you’ll come in!

but you will be a friend of the MC & be in their friend circle, and possible have an LI from the beginning!

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Omg! Tysm! Pls let me know when it’s out. I’d love to read it! :heart:

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I think you’ll be a mean person at first, but end up being friends with the MC, and you’ll come out later in the story.

At a certai plot point will you come in, so i’m not sure exactly what episode, maybe 9-11 idk. i’m not sure how long it’ll take me to get to that plot point but i’ll let yk! :))
& i followed you on insta, i can dm first or vise versa!

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you’re character is soooo cute! i think you’ll be in episode four!!
it’s a party episode btws

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Ok thank you! Tell me the story so I’ll be sure to read it!
(ps if im dancing make sure i do the disco dance and the drop it)

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LMAO okay!

I am curious… Why did it say ‘Eyebrow Color’ when it is ink?

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Gender: Female
Name: Angel

As well as:
Outfits! Yea it’s in the character deets

Ur instagram: (so i can give ur @ in the story) @secret_angel.epy

Well… Duh. :laughing:

Lmao it’s fine that you changed the name. Haha what a coincidence :joy: sadly, I don’t have insta. Sorry :frowning_face:

ooh, i’m rlly looking forward to reading ur story- i’ll keep an eye out for its release! i’ve dmed you on instagram btw :blush::blush:

lmao it was my mistake :pensive:

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