INK CHARACTERS NEEDED. Wanna be in my story

If you would like to be a character in my story. Males and females needed
•there are only 13 spots. 7 girls 6 boys
•Credit will be given
•If form is not filled out right you will not be in my story
• If you would like you can do a male and female
•you can send more then 1 ink character but be aware not all will be used if I pick you

Answer the form below
Your name and username:
Name (first and last):
Character details:
Outfit details:
Favourite thing (Hobbes, color, thing, etc,):
Dislikes (Hobbes, color, thing, etc):
Gift (smarts, fashion, etc):
Any other detail you want to add:


Can I give you two characters?

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Your name and username: Katrina, Tropical_Hurricane (episode and on forums)

Name (first and last): Katrina DeLaO

Character details:

Outfit details:
Dressy Crop Top (Cabernet)
Gold Biker Jacket
Black Leather Leggings
Black Chelsea Boots and Socks

Favourite thing (Hobbes, color, thing, etc,): I like to read and write. I like the color black and red. I also love to watch anime. I sometimes, not all the time, like to go out for walks to enjoy the nice wind and sun.

Dislikes (Hobbes, color, thing, etc): Bugs, thunder and lighting (don’t laugh…), being forgotten about, homophobic people (I’m bisexual, so i hope that you can look pass that…) and people who make fun of my height (I’m barely 5ft…)

Personality: I’m creative, sometimes cold to others, respectful, kind, can be mean when I’m in a mood or someone woke me up. I can be overprotective of the people I care about. I can be a bit flirty if I’m talking to a girl (or sometimes a boy) who i like or find cute.

Gift (smarts, fashion, etc): I don’t understand this…sorry…

Any other detail you want to add: Nope!

Also,if you do choose me to be in your story, can you tell me when you publish it. I would love to read it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Your name and username: Emmily (username: epy.emmily episode username: EmTara)
Name (first and last): Emmily Ng
Character details:

Outfit details: anything you like! whatever you think suits :))
Favourite thing (Hobbes, color, thing, etc,): i like reading, i LOVE blue, i do some calligraphy in my free time, idk what else to write
Dislikes (Hobbes, color, thing, etc): i dont like vegetables lmao, no sports for mee
Personality: stubborn? patient, i guess, and gets annoyed really easily
Gift (smarts, fashion, etc): i like to think im great at advising :))
Any other detail you want to add: nada, maybe tell me when the story is published? thanks

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