INK: Choices style


Okay, So I’m new to the INK when it comes to styling choices. I know about picking out the clothing, but just the looks choices, with makeup, hair etc. Can someone show me how make those choices??


Do you mean how to let readers choose hairstyles and lip color? If so, just put in choices as if you were letting them customize their characters. So you would have the same setup as outfits but instead you would have this for hair:
NARR: What u want fam?
@charcter changes hair into Short
goto whatever_0
and so on. Same for lip color except you would say “@character changes Lip Color into Cherry Red”
If this doesn’t help I recommend checking out customization templates and putting just the hair and lip color parts in it. Just make sure everything is labeled properly!


Okay I got it, but how do I put choices into choices. Like say I ask if I need to change the hair and put the hair choice. and then after I put that choice. How do I cast the hair options after that like that?


you have to make a label