Ink comedy story recommendations

I love the comedy from 2017-2019 ink stories, so any recommendations? (They can be recently published stories, too.)

It’s archived, but still hilarious to me! It’s called Game Life by Kayla Sloans. I think it came out in 2017.

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Iconic writer

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Defintely! :smile:

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Ticket to Heaven by Love S.

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The Wanderer by Aliceproductions.
The author recently promoted the second part.


Anything by Ariel C and Kayla S is HILARIOUS

I also recommend:

So we’re adults now by Naveah
Ticket to Heaven by Love S
Why Today by Nuz (in the action genre but it’s genuinely one of the funniest things I’ve ever read)
Bad cops by Merlin
Cloak and Dagger by Mar

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