Ink cover artist needed!

In need of a small and large cover for my ink story!
All the information is below!
Title: Bulletproof
Author: Chelsea
Story description: Cora starts school after 10 years of home-schooling. But, what happens when she attracts the attention of bad boy Enzo, who unravels secrets from her past?
Cover size: small and large
Episode Character descriptions: INK, Cora is a lovely sassy 18 year old attracted to Enzo with secrets from her past her mother has been hiding, Enzo is 18 and heir to his fathers gang and the ultimate bad boy and is extremely attracted to Cora.

Cora’s details:
-skin colour = Tan
-eyebrows = defined natural
-hair = beach wave, chestnut
-eyes = upturned bold, purple
-face = soft heart
-nose = elven
-lips = full round, scarlet
-please add a nose ring

Enzo’s details:
-skin colour = caramel
-eyebrows = thin arch
-hair = short cropped hair, charcoal
-eyes = stoic almond, white
-face = defined triangle
-nose = button
-lips = uneven, taupe
-please add an eyebrow slit, tattoos and piercings

About the story:
Cora’s father and brother got murdered 10 years ago by a rival gang so her mother decided to have herself, Cora and Cora’s twin brother leave the gang. Cora knows nothing about the gang and thinks they died in an accident. She starts school after 10 years of home-schooling and meets Enzo who fills the hole in her heart to discover hes an heir to a gang and her unknown past slowly unravels.

maybe try
Angles Art Shop (open)

Thank you! Xx

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hi! if u still need a cover, i know a friend who makes really good ones!

they only take commissions tho, is that fine?

I would’ve loved that but I’m literally broke! Thank you though! If you know any good free ones it will be much appreciated xx

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aa, that’s alright. have a great day anyway :>)!!!

Thank you, you too! Xx

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