Ink cover artist or profile artist needed cover contesttt

they are purple

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oh wait im blind- ill enter u in the contest :slight_smile:

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This is a cover contest, right? If so is there a deadline?

er wel not rly just something reasonable thats not like a half year-

Lol, okay. So this is a contest, right? I’m just making sure :two_hearts:

Yes! Would you like to, or know anyone who would want to joine :):smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I’ll join if that’s alright :two_hearts:

Can I join?

I can help but I don’t have insta



its fine u can text me on forums<3

when do u think u will be done:)

when do u think u will be done:D

when do u think u will be done:3

I can do it if you still need it done

Can you make me a background?

Yes I can. Send me the details of what you want on the cover :slightly_smiling_face:

Like a girl who is sad and a guy who is hughinf hwr