INK COVERS (No limelight sorry)

Because the last time I did this didn’t go so well :expressionless: im only taking 3 cover requests at a time and once I have all 3 done i will take more requests. Sorry I have to do it this way I just don’t wanna let people down as I have exams coming up in June :roll_eyes:. !

Thanks please leave all your deets about the cover
Title, Author name , theme , description of story (if u prefer to pm me do so)


waiting list

Minneha~ 20th may


Can I request please?

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of course.

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The title of the story is Rapture

Character Details

Skin - Honey
Brows - Medium sharp
Eyes - gentle almond - green
Hair - pompadour- Black
Nose - strong
Mouth - smirk - terracotta
Face - stubble

Skin - Honey
Eyes - Upturned Feline - Taupe
Nose - Upturned
Mouth - full round - toffee
Face - soft heart
Brows - mature round
Hair - beach wave black


I would like Kendra to be holding a gun with an angry-ish face
I would like Kyle to be behind her, holding her waist with a slight smirk on his face.

Background and Title

I would like the background to just be plain light grey and at the top with should be something like this



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Thank you I’m putting you on the waiting list .
Also could you explain the font I don’t get it I’m a bit thick :joy:

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I put a picture of it :rofl:

Do you want the blue part of it? I probably shouldve just asked. :joy:

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Nope, I just wanted to show you the type of font and style :heart:

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Ok thank you I’ll get right on it! :blush:

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Not requesting since the only covers I need are in LL, but I just wanted to say that your work is great! :grin::revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts:

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Aww thank youu! I tried limelight I really just can’t get them looking right really sorry. :pensive:

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Aw it’s no problem! Your ink covers are great too, just keep practicing, whether with ink, ll or both :revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts:

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Thanks I’m slowly improving. Thanks for the feedback! :grin: (edit : wow that smiley face is creepy af)

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@KATI.epi hiyA how many characters can you do per cover? youre so talented btw, it’s insane lol <3

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Omg why am I only seeing this now!!
I’m soo sorry and I’ve done 7 characters before if your still interested

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Could I request a cover?

it’s okay, and i think i’ll request in a few hours <33