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Hi there, I’m having no trouble with inserting a character creation template, and it’s working just fine. The problem comes when I try and start the story. I put the character they’re supposed to customize in the opening scene, but instead it just comes up as what it originally was instead of their custom character. How do I keep the character looking the same between scenes/episodes? I can’t continue until I figure this problem out :frowning:


@sassygaygirl can you send a pic of what problem is?


If you’re using Web Preview the character will be a default if you open a new episode. If you want to see if it’s working proper test it on the app. Also, make sure you’re using the right name for CC character and character in the scenes.


Nevermind, sorry! I figured it out, so sorry for wasting your time :sweat_smile: (This is my first story and I’m having a lot of trouble!)

I do have another question though: how do you make the custom character’s name show up when they speak?

I currently have it like this, because when I had it saying [FIRSTNAME] (which is what I have the custom name set to), the character wouldn’t talk. She’s talking now, but it says FAYE instead of the custom name.


@sassygaygirl umm, what did you name the main character?





Read through this guide: A Guide to Typed-in Choices

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You are a lifesaver, that’s what the problem was. I had her display name still as Faye instead of NAME. Thank you so so much! :smiley:


OMG! You are the one who created the templates of CC! You are a PRO at this!

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