[INK] Edit Superstore!

Welcome to my Edit Superstore! I have recently picked back up on editing and I’ve improved a ton, and I still am working in my art. I do custom poses, and depending on the request I may take clothing edits, but I am not very well with it.

Here are rules to follow while requesting:

  1. I reserve the right to refuse your request, especially if it makes me uncomfortable, or if you are rude.

  2. All requests must be safe for work. No nudity or sexual content.

  3. You will not own the image. It will go in my examples and other people will see it.

  4. Please be as descriptive as possible when requesting, or I may ask you to request again, or deny it altogether.

  5. Please refrain from requesting more than twice in a single week.

While requesting, since most of you may request a custom pose, please include screenshots of the character, and the desired pose. Here are a few of my examples:


I feel like going into the new year, it’s a great time to get a nice start on my art, and improve! So how about a request, hm?

Request form

Character (screenshot)
Other Details:

I will not accept your request if you include character details. Please give me a screenshot (it does not have to be clear or anything, as long as I can get a rough look of the character’s skin, facial features, and hair)

If I turn down your request, feel free to message me asking what you did wrong, and I will gladly tell you. And after you’ve got it down, come back and try again! Looking forward to making some art for you all!

I feel like I should mention that despite the “Superstore” title, all of my art is free.


The outfit doesn’t matter so feel free to change it. Also you can do whatever background you want.

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Thanks for requesting! This was a pretty vague request, but I get what you’re asking for. So I’m working on it, now! It should be finished in about an hour, maybe 2 if I get sidetracked.

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Thanks sorry about being vague lol

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@PropertyofNae here is your request! I hope you like it.

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Damn you did amazing :heart_eyes:

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Thank you! :heart:

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You can change the background if you want :heart::heart::heart:

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@Jeremy can you please close this thread ?

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Closed as per Op request