INK: edits, special scenes, covers, intros and outros (NOT ATM)

I do them just email me and give me a description, character details, tell me how many zones you want there to be, and what type of background.


You make backgrounds

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Can you show any examples of your special scenes please? :slight_smile:

~ :snowflake:


Can You make for me a art special scene for my history?

I need it so much.

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could you please make me an outro for my story i’ll send you deets if possible!

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Do you have any examples?

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I could make one but it depends on how you want it and how complicated it’ll be…

I just added some :slight_smile:

Yes :slight_smile: of course :smiley:

Yes :slight_smile: email or message me details please

I’ve actual just started one but I haven’t finished it :frowning: sorry… But i have some example I just put of some edit I’ve made. :slight_smile:

Those are so cool!! Can I request one?

Yes of course just email or message me details :slight_smile:

Okay, I’d love to see it when it’s done. :slight_smile:

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Description: Having a life sentence in jail for some reason is cut short when your sent on a ‘mission’ in the outside world with four other inmates to solve a series of murders.

SAGE (main character)
Eyes: upturned bold (black)
Face: oval
Nose: upturned
Skin tone: tan
Hair: beach wave (blue light)
Eyebrows: (soft angled)
Lips: Classic (Terracotta)

Eyes: gentle almond (purple)
Face: defined triangle
Nose: button
Skin tone: tan
Hair: Long bangs (black)
Eyebrows: medium arch
Lips: uneven(Terracotta)

Eyes: Upturned luxe
Face: diamond
Nose: elven
Skin tone: light
Hair: fishtail braid (coral)
Eyebrows: defined natural
Lips: Blossom (blush)

Eyes: stoic almond (green)
Face: athletic square jaw
Nose: strong
Skin tone: taupe
Hair: boy bun (auburn)
Eyebrows: thick arch
Lips: smirk taupe

SAGE (main character)
Eyes: Deepset gentle (green)
Face: Defined triangle
Nose: button
Skin tone: tan
Hair: short cropped hair (fawn)
Eyebrows: Thin arch
Lips: Classic (Terracotta)

Theese are all my main characters (Sage is main main character) if it is wayyyyyy to much to do just do Sage please.

Oh and btw Sage is a badass so jail clothing and a cool background would be awesome (with her winking and holding a gun if thats alright)

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Okay!! And BTW I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR STORY plot !!! :sparkling_heart::heartbeat:

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Okay no problem!!

thanks you’re so sweet!!!

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